香港兆基創意書院的出版刊物, 由編、採、排版和設計均由學生主導而成,內容大部份由學生定立,在校導師只作協助角色。通過這些具體的創作體驗培育同學對學校及社會的感知的同時,亦透過社會文化的議題來增加同學對文字及圖象創作的興趣。
大部分出版刊物均上載成電子版本, 可點算下面的圖文連結, 或前往下載
TROUBLE#10 – We Are Feeling a Little Bit Suffocating.
TROUBLE#09 – How to Become a Beautiful New Born Human
TROUBLE#08 – Leaving for ___ Days, Come Back & Study Together Again Happily
TROUBLE#07 – Alternative Arrangement
TROUBLE#06 – You’d Better Go Home Study Ar!
TROUBLE#05 – Humorous Retrospect
TROUBLE#03 – Today. I. Sudden Many Desire
TROUBLE#02 – Let’s Take Off the Topic
TROUBLE#01 – You Make Me Angry

Recent issue: #10 (2010年11月)


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