【am plus】十一月號

於今年11月,《a.m. post》會以一個全新名字跟大家見面——《art plus》。除600多個港、澳派發點外,《art plus》亦可於全港大部分的7-Eleven免費取閱,並繼承《a.m. post》,繼續以跨文化藝術的方向發展,在香港、澳門和台灣建立互動的文化平台。請趕快到《art plus》的Fan Page讚好,以便獲得最新的資訊!

In Nov this year, “a.m. post” takes on a new name as “art plus” and makes regular appearances at over 600 distribution points in Hong Kong and Macau. It’s also available at most of 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong freely! “art plus” takes on the mission of “a.m. post” to act as a cultural platform for different kinds of art in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Please “like” the Fan Page of “art plus” for more updates!
****different name‧different layout‧same mission****



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