Obscura Magazine

Obscura,「黑暗」的拉丁語,跟「Camera」(拉丁語「房間」)結合起來就是「暗黑的房子」。在房子開個小洞,外間的影像便以上下對倒的形貌呈現牆上 — 這個猶如巨大針孔照相機的黑房,是公元前3世紀已經存在的攝影初始概念。由THINK-SILLY.COM線上雜誌衍生,以另一種形態更全面接觸各地讀者群的《Obscura》,希望透過文字及相片,建立獨特視角,紀錄現今香港以至當代世界值得關注的人物和事情。當中不一定是宏大事件,卻可能是生活中最值得駐足觀看,反映我們所熱愛的有趣事物。

Obscura, ‘darkness’ in Latin, makes ‘a dark room’ with ‘camera’ (‘room’ in Latin). Poke a small hole through, an image of the world outside would reflect on the wall in an upside-down manner. This upscale-pinhole-camera-like room is the origin of modern photography dated 3 B.C. Derived from THINK-SILLY.COM, ‘Obscura’ is another form of reaching out to our audience. Establishing a unique vision through words and images, it aims to capture remarkable contemporary personalities and events, in Hong Kong and worldwide. Not necessarily the most eminent and heavyweight happenings, the selection reflects our interest, passion and sensitivity.

Website: http://obscura-mag.com/


Unit 8, 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
+852 2898 2199

1 – 8pm (Tues – Sun) think-silly.com
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HMV hmv.com.hk
Dymocks www.dymocks.com.hk
Hong Kong Records www.hongkongrecords.hk
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+852 3428 8880 cdwarehouse.com.hk
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+852 2520 0114 ka-pok.com
+852 2789 9911 tassels.com.hk
+852 2895 2303 tassels.com.hk
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Colette (Paris) colette.fr
Dover Street Market (London) doverstreetmarket.com
TSUTAYA BOOKS DAIKANYAMA (Tokyo) tsite.jp/daikanyama/
WHITE MOUNTAINEERING FLAGSHIP SHOP (Tokyo) whitemountaineering.comk
GROCERYSTORE. (Tokyo) the-soloist.netm
ROBERU (Yokohama) roberuground.com
SURRENDER (Singapore) surrenderous.com
INCU (Australia) incuclothing.com
WP LAVORI (Italy) wplavori.comm
INVENTORY (Canada) www.inventorymagazine.com
SOTO Store (Berlin) sotoboutique.com
MILKMADE (Los Angeles) milkmade.us

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